The Elements of Custom Photo Framing

1Photography and taking gorgeous pictures is a form of art. Just taking the picture is simply not enough. Do not need to show off your pictures but letting the world know what you are capable off is an amazing feeling and you deserve your recognition. You will have to find some good picture frames in order to protect your photos for future viewings for years to come. Also a good frame can really take the photo to a whole new level.


How would one pick a frame? Do you know what sets a custom picture frame apart from a pre-made picture frame? Save yourself some time and make sure that you get the right frames the first time around. Frames that are already made are called readymade frames. These types of frames should already have a backing and a glass cover. These frames come in two different styles or designs and there table top or the design where you hang it on the wall. These frames also come in many different shapes and sizes. Most stores sell readymade frames. Learn the difference between canvas and paper art at


You can also have frames custom made to fit your canvas printing Calgary perfectly, this is very useful when you can’t find a readymade frame that is the size of your photo or the design that you like. Typically people who get a custom frame have a weird size or a big painting such as an oil painting or a even a print. You can also selecting which type of molding you would like. All the dimensions and specifications are selected by you, this is a custom frame after all.


The person who makes the frames can help you figure out the dimensions that you will need if you do not know. Another thing you can choose for your picture is a cover. The sky is the limit when It comes down to different covers because you can go with the typical glass or you could take it to the next level and get something that is acrylic or offers protection against ultra violet light. For the support so you can hang it on the wall, it would be a good idea to ask the framer for advice but if it is just a small picture frame it may be better to make a table top. If you plan on going with the custom frames at be prepared to shell out some money because compared to the readymade frames they can be quite expensive, especially the big ones.

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